Absolute creative freedom

To evolve is to progress and Xtruss offers you the absolute creative freedom.

Xtruss is a revolutionary structural truss system that combines strength and durability with a show-stopping frame design and expandability. The Xtruss system is futuristic in its appearance and with its good weight bearing capability, can be configured in numerous different ways transcends most design boundaries. It is through this modular nature of the Xtruss system that allows for replacement and customized parts as well as reduced shipping and packaging system costs.

Exhibitions with the Xtruss System is limitless, exciting and uncomplicated. If it's a high-tech exhibition environment you want, Xtruss is unbeatable.


       Spec Detail

  Transit Case
Unit Size
60.96cm(D) x 60.96cm(H) x 121.9cm(W)
Anodized Ball
Unique ball joint system, contains 18 threaded holes allowing struts to be positioned at angles of archieved 45°, 60°, 90°, 120°, 135° & 180°