Ultra Truss for ultra results!

The emergence of exhibition display systems have brought about a strategic method for sales and marketing teams to venture into greater promotional and branding activities. When it comes to branding your product or services, the most effective tool in the arsenal is without a doubt the UltraTruss System.

UltraTruss is the most advanced, lightweight, durable and easy to use modular truss display system available today. UltraTruss offers a sleek, highly modern, impressive and upscale look at great value and can easily be reconfigured for exhibiting versatility. UltraTruss will meet your high end branding and display requirements while giving you unlimited merchandising possibilities. Your imagination is the only limit!


Various Measurements
115cm(H) 105cm(H)
85cm(H) 80cm(H)
65cm(H) 45cm(H)
Various Measurements
54R 100cm
30R 180cm
90° Connector
20cm(W) x 20cm(H)
Transit Case
60.96cm(D) x 60.96(H) x 121.9cm