Limitless, exciting and uncomplicated

iFrame is the perfect system for exhibitors who require a lightweight system to support their product and branding equipment without sacrificing quality and aesthetics. iFrame is a distinctive exhibition system that emphasizes customized portability that will get your brand noticed on any exhibition floor. iframe is a simple yet stylish and creative system offering an unlimited design potential. Its sleek square components are modular giving you maximum flexibility. iFrame is a breeze to install, graphics are attached within the panels for a clean, sleek and professional brand presence.
Anodized Ball
Unique ball joint system, contains 18 threaded holes allowing struts to be positioned at angles of 45, 60, 90, 120,
135 and 180.
Aluminum Tube
Both ends of the struts are threaded for a secure fit into the anodized ball joinrs.
25cm/35.3cm / 50cm / 70.7cm / 100cm
Metal Clip
Supports wood or acrylic countertops. The clips come with adjustable ends to create a secure fastening to the adjoining struts.
Stainless Steel
Spider joint system, secures the display surface to the frame. Surface that can be attached include acrylic, plywood and etc.
Support Clip
Flexible, lightweight and strong clips designed to keep the artwork / mounting surface stable.
Plastic Foot
Height adjustable to optimize stability on unevensurfaces.
Heavy duty plastic