Many configurations. One powerful Display.

Exti5 is your perfect exhibition system solution with many panel shapes and sizes, hundreds of configurations, a universal connection system and compatibility with all Eventify Exhibition systems. With Exti5, you can achieve any look and ultimate functionality. Exti5 is lightweight, sleek and sturdy with a strong, high grade aluminum frame design that gives you a structural display system that has a sleek, elegant and ultra-modern profile.

3m X 3m

3330-01 3330-02 3330-03
3330-04 3335-05 3335-06

3m X 6m

3640-02 3635-03 3630-04
3640-05 3640-06  

3m X 9m

3930-02 3940-03 3935-04

6m X 6m

6640-01 6640-02 6650-03
6650-04 6640-07  

6m X 9m

6950-01 6940-02